and why it is always now

It is always now because the senses are always ‘on’ as is ‘mind’ which can only be switched off by injury, sleep or an anaesthetic. ‘Now’ is the point of entry for sensory data which is collected serially from second to second into the memory. This text which your having read is now in memory along with what is happening around you, plus what you had for breakfast, how you got here and the date of the battle of Hastings. From your first moment of consciousness to this very second, all your education is a memory, everything you have ever read or seen or experienced is all in the same bag stored in a common system called memory. Memory is serially collected but randomly accessed. To appreciate how ‘now’ and memory work consider the fact that you will be older when you have read this text than when you started. (see ONTOLOGY section for a continuation of this argument) No one is known to have ever filled their memory and there are three obvious reasons for this. One is that the capacity is very large, two is that at a certain capacity losses equal input and three it is infinite. You choose.