Expletives and their causes

What a stumbling block is, is fairly obvious but why we use expletives is not so clear. It is also apparent that expletives fall into a very narrow category, usually sexual, religious or concerned with excrement. Why is this? Occurrence and reaction frequently involve expletives, but while the accidental occurrence is unpredictable the accompanying expletive never is. Is it possible that every impending accident has, secreted in the psyche, a stack of expletives ready to be issued like tickets from an automatic dispenser? When I trip up the step or drop the milk why do I never say “Byron’s mother in law” or “counter insurgency”?

Living is a comparatively smooth series of sequences until we fall over. The consequence of falling is that we unwittingly relinquish control to an event that occurs at a speed to which we cannot respond. This is a tipping point whereby equilibrium is lost. We acknowledge this condition by warning against accidents but cannot directly influence the outcome. The problem is caused by gravity and the mass of the human body. ‘Mind the step’ is a commonly used recognition of this state however once we pass the tipping point the acceleration is 9.8 m/s/s. What is surprising is the latent power that is unleashed when we lose control of our own weight.