This is not what you think it is.
Neither is it what you thought it was.

On a more practical level the following pages represent current themes and discontinued enquiries. The latter acting as a predicate for the former. They are both a graveyard and a shop window. What is on going, and has yet to produce any kind of insight, will be obvious. They are the 'lexicart' shown on hangers and in vases, pieces based on deterioration, time concepts and ironing. The other work, robots and vacuum cleaning are conclusive. However as an ambition I am trying to make something that shifts the burden of reality onto an object that is essentially transcendental. Such things exist, I have seen them, but this quality is not necessarily permanent due to its solipsistic origin. I am not even sure if such things can be achieved by the direct effort of the maker. Cathedral builders and fast car manufacturers have tried to achieve a version of this objective but for fairly obvious reasons have failed. I suspect that the psychology is wrong because these things are group endeavours that have a generalised goal. Each represents thousands of hours in human undertaking, but complexity of construction does not indicate significance. I further suspect that they are dangerously close to building a model of the Cutty Sark from match sticks. These objects have only totemic significance that simply says wealth or belief. Poor men will not become rich by being made to stand outside the Bank of England and atheists with not develop faith by being made to sit in churches. Such tactics have always failed, they failed in the middle ages and they fail today. I further suspect that artists who do not make their own work stand as spectators to their own intentions.

In the past I tried to make art works, that when they were finished, would leave home. I failed because I had the wrong expectation. Now I am trying to make objects, that when they are finished, disappear in favour of a new reality.